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The Benefits of an Outdoor Wood Stove

By: Brad King
The Benefits of an Outdoor Wood Stove
When examining the benefits of using an outdoor wood stove, many individuals focus on the amount of money they will save on their home heating costs. While saving money is important, it is not the only thing that you should be concerned with. A reduction in heating costs, very well, may be the greatest benefit of an outdoor wood stove, but it is not the only benefit. In fact, there are a number of different benefits, many of which may have a direct impact on you.
Aside from the cost, an outdoor wood stove is nice because it is safe to use. All of the wood stoves sold in the United States and Canada, by a licensed dealer, must meet a number of different standards. These standards are in place to guarantee the successful operation of an outdoor wood stove. While these standards guarantee the success of an outside wood stove, they also guarantee your safety. You will find that most wood stoves have a fairly high or decent safety rating.
When it comes to safety and an outdoor wood stove, one of the first things that comes to mind is the risk of fire. When wood is involved, there is always a risk of fire. However, it is also important to note that many other home heating methods have some risks. An outdoor wood stove, if properly installed and operated, should provide you with little or no risk.
In the event that a fire or another accident does occur, you and your home should be protected. Almost all wood stoves are installed a safe distance away from homes. This distance tends to be around, at least, fifty feet. The fire risk is often non-existent, but should an accident occur, your home should be a safe distance away from the wood stove.
Another benefit of an outdoor wood stove is that everything is outdoors. A popular alternative to an outdoor wood stove in an indoor one. Indoor wood stoves achieve the same things as an outdoor stove, but often with a hassle. To insert wood into your indoor stove, you must bring that wood inside your home. Often times, the wood is not the only thing making its way into your home. An outdoor wood stove eliminates messy wood scraps and outdoor bugs.
In addition to keeping your home cleaner, it will also help to keep it smelling better. While many homeowners enjoy indoor wood stoves for their low cost of heating, many do not enjoy the smell that comes along with it. Since the wood is actually burning inside your home, your home may end up selling like an outdoor bonfire. In addition to smelly clothes, your furniture may also end up smelling like smoke. This smell is often difficult or impossible to remove.
When thinking about outdoor wood stoves, you are encouraged to keep the above mentioned points in mind. Saving money, alone, is enough to make an outdoor wood stove a wise investment, but the additional benefits may be the added incentives that you need to make a decision.
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